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Artwire - Art and Sell online.
Over the years the art industry has only gotten stronger and stronger. Artists are more creative than ever and growth in other industries have helped bridge the gap of marketing. Now, it’s easy to buy online art if you are a collector or sell your products online if you are an artist. With different strokes for different folks, it is left for both buyers and sellers to find and choose their ideal art platform.
ArtWire is about getting seen, connected, and recognized. You can buy and sell art with no joining fees or monthly subscription needed. ArtWire helps you meet your buyer or seller directly and cut out the hassle of middlemen.
Buying on ArtWire – Variety is Key
You can find a wide range of art and artists on ArtWire. From Paintings to cups, home décor, photography, and more every art category you might need is available. Both buyers and sellers are from across the world. ArtWire brings you Australian and International artists. Anyone who loves art is welcome. You can deal with the sellers directly to get more information on the art. The process to buy online art on ArtWire is swift and secure!
Selling on ArtWire – Why You Should Sell Here
Sellers can open a free account with ArtWire to list their art and show it to the world. You can grow your client base easily with our diverse audience and tools. Within your free selling account, you can explore options like:
Art collection- After creating your account you can list all your items and build your art collection to sell your products online. This lets your buyers come to you.
Sell your items- ArtWire is here to help you make profit off your creativity and efforts. With our seamless system, you can communicate effectively with your buyer. ArtWire also facilitates a secure payment.
Post your blogs– You can post your blogs to say something, give your artistic opinion, or educate the world. We help you get the word out there.
Read blogs- Learn more and get inspired by blogs written by pro artists and expert writers.
Get your AD slot – Selling on ArtWire comes with an AD slot for the taking to promote your items and maximize the benefits of the platform. Use it to attract a larger client base and become truly successful.
Free tools for your website- Managing a website can be tough but with the right tools, it can become a breeze. ArtWire offers free tools for your art website. We have done the groundwork to give you just what you need.
Earn Credits for Referrals – Earn credits from ArtWire when you refer friends or family by telling them about ArtWire and getting an account.
Get a Backlink – Get more traffic to your website or items with a backlink on ArtWire to help you sell your products online faster.
We charge a flat 2.5% commission when you successfully sell a product online on ArtWire. We are here to help everyone achieve their goals and make happy sales and purchases.
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